Invite Agents

The smart way to secure new appointments in your area.

Some of the estate agents that have used Invite Agents:

How it Works
Agent Sign-up
Agent Sign-up

Sign-up to our platform giving a few details about your agency and where you operate.

(No bank or credit card details required)

Our team will then validate that you are a true ‘bricks & mortar estate agency’

Receive Requests
Receive Requests

We will then contact you when each new homeowner submits a property onto the platform and request a personalised fee proposal from you.

Fee Proposal
Fee Proposal

Prepare your fee proposal using our ‘easy to use’ proposal form. Our form allows you to present your fee in a way that demonstrates your agencies added value/USP rather than just focusing on price.


Submit your proposal to Invite Agents. These will then be uploaded onto the platform for the homeowner to compare ‘side-by-side’ with other agents and make a decision on their preferred agent.

That’s it – its then over to you.

Agent Benefits

So much more than the existing lead generation or comparison sites, and here’s why:

An agent comparison platform focussed on value add, service differentiation and staff reviews rather than just the lowest fee

Submit personalised fee proposals for each new property, tailoring it to suit the particular home and the owners value drivers,  helping to maximise your success rate

Potential to reduce marketing spend as Invite Agents will come directly to you and request fee proposals for new appointments

The opportunity to submit proposals for local opportunities that may have otherwise been directed to more dominant agencies in the area

Differentiate your proposals by focussing on the individual sales negotiator you put forward (With their previous reviews / Invite Agents Ranking)

Performance reviews undertaken by the homeowner(s) at both branch and individual  negotiator level to ensure accountability and improve performance levels.

How we differ from others:

We are not a generic lead website, we will be contacting you directly to request fee proposals for actual new appointments in your area

This service is completely free during our BETA test stage, following which we will switch over to a transparent monthly subscription model

You keep all your sales commissions

Our unique fee proposal template allows you to differentiate your agency against others allowing you to tailor your pitch to match the owners decision values.

A service focussed on value add, service differentiation and reviews of individual negotiators to help improve accountability and performance

Pricing Plans

We do not have any - our platform is currently free.